Sleep – a Natural Immune Booster

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With over a million (and climbing) cases worldwide, the CoronaVirus is a worrisome pandemic which has given all of us some pause and time to think. With many of us worried about becoming ill or infecting loved ones who may be at greater risk, many are considering means to help ourselves, our families and our communities stay healthy. Important public health recommendations are requiring many of us to significantly change our lifestyle, which is affecting our eating, exercising, socializing patterns and increasing our stress levels.

Keeping Your Sleep Healthy while Working from Home

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We live in a time of uncertainty, as the world is changing every day, by the hour. The CoronaVirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting many areas and millions of people in almost no time. Countries are taking strong measures in an extraordinary, desperate attempt to put a stop to the virus’ spread: flights are cancelled, events are on hold and above all – millions are grounded to their homes everywhere. As the show must go on, for many, that means working from home. But adjusting to a completely new routine and spending so much time indoors has its consequences, and keeping your sleep (and work) healthy during this time should be a priority. So what can you do to make sure you get the quality ZZZs you need, even in times of working from home?

Sleep Data Review | A Glimpse into our Sleep in 2019

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Over the course of 2019, we’ve gathered and analyzed sleep data of more than 200,000 nights, and found some interesting trends that can tell us a lot about how we are sleeping, how much of it we are actually getting, when we are sleeping, the quality of our sleep and who among us is prioritizing their sleep.