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Changing the sleep culture within an organization

Sleep is a key element in keeping a healthy and productive work-life balance, while significantly reducing healthcare utilization and costs. So, how to prioritize sleep in the workplace?

How to protect your sleep and daily routine during COVID-19 pandemic?

How to manage our day-to-day routine and protect our sleep during the COVID–19 pandemic? Read all about it here

COVID-19’s effect on sleep – not what you imagined

We analyzed over 15,000 nights to examine the COVID-19 pandemic – sleep connection. Read all about the results here.

Sleep – a Natural Immune Booster

With over a million (and climbing) cases worldwide, the CoronaVirus is a worrisome pandemic which has given all of us some pause and time to think. With many of us worried about becoming ill or infecting loved ones who may

Keeping Your Sleep Healthy while Working from Home

We live in a time of uncertainty, as the world is changing every day, by the hour. The CoronaVirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting many areas and millions of people in almost no time. Countries are taking

Sleep Data Review | A Glimpse into our Sleep in 2019

Over the course of 2019, we’ve gathered and analyzed sleep data of more than 200,000 nights, and found some interesting trends that can tell us a lot about how we are sleeping, how much of it we are actually getting,

Prioritize Your Sleep In 2020 | New Year’s Resolutions

2020 is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to reflect on our lifestyle and habits, on everything that we’ve accomplished this year, and on what matters most to us. But above all, it’s a time for new

Nix the Nightcap | Alcohol, Smoking and Sleep

Sleep is not only affected by our habits during the night, but also by our day-to-day actions and lifestyle; we all know that consuming too much caffeine or taking naps during the day can negatively affect our sleep at night,

The Great Sleep Ranking | The Most Sleep-Friendly Companies

To get a better understanding of how exactly sleep and work impact each other, and to drive awareness of sleep-related solutions as a strong tool for a healthy and vital work environment, we created the great sleep ranking . We

Stress and Sleep| Relax Your Way to Restful Nights

While there are many reasons that may prevent us from getting the good night’s sleep we long for, one of the most common of all is stress; we all experience different levels of stress throughout different phases of our lives,

Stages of Sleep| Get to Know Your Sleep Cycles

It’s nighttime. You get into bed after a long day, and if everything goes as planned, you fall asleep and wake up in the morning refreshed and good to go; sounds simple, right? But the fact is, there’s a lot

How to Get Better Sleep | Controlling Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine. It’s a natural stimulate which affects the nervous system, causing increased heart rate and alertness; According to the International Coffee Organization, about 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. A research conducted by the University of

How to Sleep Well | Get to Know Your Circadian Clock

Have you ever wondered how the body’s processes are timed? How does the body know when it’s hungry? Or how does it know when it’s time for sleep? These processes, and many others, are managed by the body’s internal

What Causes Snoring? Improve Your Breathing During Sleep

Both women and men are closely familiar with this common phenomenon, which usually becomes even more common with age: you get into bed exhausted after a long day, looking forward to a long, sweet sleep. But soon after you close

Sleep Hygiene Essentials for Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep. It’s essential for our health and well-being, and it is the cornerstone of performance. In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, here’s a review of the most imperative actions to take in order to maintain healthy sleep hygiene.

Technology to the Rescue |
Using a Sleep App for More Restful Nights

Have you ever wondered what happens while you sleep? Whether you’re getting a full night of quality sleep or a decent dose of rest every night? The popular trend of self-monitoring is now dominating the world of sleep. Just like

Ways to Help You Sleep |
The Power of Meditation

It’s finally the end of the day. You come home and shower, have a light meal and catch up with your partner. You go to bed looking forward to a good night’s sleep, but surprisingly you spend your time in

Getting Used to CPAP

Sleeping with a CPAP device can be challenging. Most people struggle to adapt to their machine and experience difficulties sleeping with their mask on throughout the night. Due to continuous air flow which might feel unnatural at first, they usually

Trouble Sleeping | Eat Your Way to Better Sleep

We all know by now that what and when we drink have a direct effect on our sleep. Drinking more than 400 mg of caffeine a day, or enjoying a cup of coffee a couple of hours before bedtime, can

Unable to Sleep?
Keep a Record of Your Sleep Patterns

If you treat your sleep with the precision of a Swiss watch, but still feel exhausted in the morning, or if you sleep like a log and still wake up for no reason before your alarm goes off, there’s a

Difficulty Falling Asleep |
Ease Your Struggle in Bed

Sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s something that more and more people begin to realize and take more seriously. It’s essential for our development and for our physical, cognitive and mental functioning. But what happens if you

Sleep Anxiety | CBTi to the Rescue

It’s a difficult routine. You get back from work; you complete all your chores and get into bed. You wish you could just instantly fall asleep, but your mind starts racing as soon as you close your eyes. You’re thinking

The Story of Sleep Deprivation

Do you feel sleepy during the day? Do you struggle to remember details you would normally remember? Are you moodier than normal? If so, there’s a good chance you too are sleep deprived. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘do I
fruit on table and exercising woman in back, this how to sleep better

How to Sleep Better |
The Health-Fitness-Sleep Triangle

Let us begin by stating the obvious: diet and exercise are bound together in achieving a healthy lifestyle, as every successful fitness regime has an important nutritional element; going to the gym but eating whatever comes in hand? probably a

Why Can’t I Sleep |
Alcohol & Caffeine’s Hidden Agenda

We all know the feeling of pleasure and relaxation we get from a glass of good wine or other drinks, and of course the feeling of drowsiness that can hit as soon as our glass is empty. Sometimes we find
6 tips how to fall asleep fast

How to Fall Asleep Fast |
Do’s and Don’ts

If it takes you long minutes, or even hours to fall asleep, or you wake up at night and have a hard time falling back to sleep, there are probably several factors rocking the foundations on which your sleep is
woman working on bed, learn how to improve sleep

How to Improve Sleep |
The Perfect Sleep Environment

There’s nothing like the feeling of moving into a new home or re-decorating. You take time over choosing the perfect furniture, the color of the sofa and the right bathroom tiles. But when taking time to design the bedroom –
Man alone in bed, reading about sleep training on the phone

Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion on Sleep Training

Dr. Mairav Cohen Zion, Chief Science Officer at Dayzz, is a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist, with particular expertise in behavioral and cognitive therapies for insomnia and other sleep disorders
woman sleeping on bad wondering do i have a sleep disorder

I Can’t Sleep.
Do I Have a Sleep Disorder?

It’s been a long day. All your chores are completed and the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. You curl up in bed and ready to fall into sweet sleep, but the minutes go by and you still find

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See how dayzz can improve your employees’ sleep to make your workforce safer, happier and more productive.

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