We believe sleep is the largest missing piece in healthcare, and we're here to fix it. We are a team of scientists, tech-savvies, entrepreneurs and therapists who have come together to find a solution to the world's sleep problems.
Our primary goal is to improve both people's health and their overall quality of life, while simultaneously dramatically lowering the short and long-term costs incurred by employers as a result of sleep disorders, in terms of reduced productivity, work accidents and poor health.


The core of our product is a smart, big-data based algorithm; we gather data from a variety of external and internal sources, what allows us to match each user with a personalized plan and make adjustments in an iterative manner; unlike traditional medical platforms, the dayzz process lets us get to know our users and learn about their unique personal and behavioral characteristics, and provide a warm and supportive environment for achieving their sleep goals.


Since July 2017, we have been investing our time, knowhow and resources in building a science-based product that will deliver better sleep to everyone.
Working in collaboration with international sleep experts, we developed a unique sleep assessment platform. Together with an innovative algorithm based on big-data analysis, these are the cornerstones of our sleep training program.

Dayzz is a subsidiary of Maabarot products, Israel's leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of advanced nutrition and health products.


Amir Inditzky
Amir has been leading innovative, complex online products for the past 15 years. He is an eCommerce expert with wide angle view on all aspects of online performance optimization projects.

Nir Levi
Nir has 20 years of experience leading the development of high-scale, high-impact web and mobile solutions.

Dr. Mairav Cohen-Zion
Chief Science Officer
Mairav is a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist, with particular expertise in behavioral and cognitive therapies for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Iddo Gescheit
VP Business Development
Iddo was part of the team which led the medtech startup, Medingo, till its $200 million acquisition by Roche - the Swiss pharma company. Thereafter, he joined the founding team of Betalin Therapeutics, an innovative bioartificial pancreas for people with diabetes, as VP of Product and Business Development. Iddo holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering.
Rafael Shvartsman
Head of Operations & Data
Rafael has 10 years of experience initiating and managing process and performance excellence projects. He has hands-on experience in creating data decision-making tools based on advanced analytics, combining and analyzing multiple data sources to identify business opportunities.

Michal Yahav-Priva
Head of Product
Michal has more than 10 years of experience in product management, including design and development of consumer and medical products. At dayzz, Michal leads product characterization, customer experience and design.

Itay Mazor
Product Manager
Itay has expertise in enhancing customer relation and satisfaction, impacting business growth, based on decision-making models and BI tools. Itay has also developed and designed Soroka's medical center cross-department performance model dashboard.

Gal Yankovitz
Head of Strategy & Marketing
In recent years, Gal has been working as a strategy consultant at Deloitte, specializing in digital strategies and business models formulation. Gal holds a B.A in psychology and political science.

Nati Tedeschi
Content Marketing Manager
In previous years, Nati has been working as a content marketing manager at a local start-up developing a marketing automation platform for small businesses. Nati holds a B.A in English linguistics and business management.

Jonathan Moshevich
Senior Full-Stack Developer
For over 8 years, Jonathan has developed various Web Applications. Prior to dayzz, he developed and maintained a critical system for an adtech company.

Ofri Ivzori
Full-Stack Developer
During past years, Ofri has been working as a Full Stack Developer, developing mobile apps, web sites and server side logics on cloud. Ofri is pursuing his B.Sc in Computer Science.

Sharon Vogel
Sleep Trainer
Sharon has more than 10 years of experience practicing nutrition and alternative medicine with expertise in acupuncture. She is the founder of a website promoting healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Laura Glasner
Sleep Trainer
Laura is experienced in working with people suffering from a variety of sleep difficulties. Alongside her clinical work, her research focuses on the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive, emotional and behavioral capabilities. Laura holds a BSc in psychology and biology and an MA in clinical psychology and neuropsychology.
Omer Aviram
Product Designer
In the past 6 years, Omer has been working as a product designer, specializing in UX\UI to deliver outstanding user experience across various types of products. Omer holds a graphic design certificate from Mentor College for design.